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Customer experience in a digital world

by Darcie @ CX2030
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Capture context marketing & close the experience gap

It’s an industry-standard maxim: If you want to build real relationships with your customers, content marketing is the way to go. But if everybody has great content on their platforms, you need something more to build a relationship, offer a great customer experience and ensure you are distinctive enough.

You need to engage in Customer Experience Marketing: fulfilling customer needs and provide relevant information, while remaining authentic as a brand. This report shows you how:

3 elements to achieve top-of-mind status with your customers
How to bring your IT, Intelligence and Marketing departments together and embrace a truly customer-centric strategy.

Starting with the customer
Gain strategies for mapping your strategic vision with tangible organisational targets, to keep your teams aligned and offer your customers the right messages.

Moving beyond a standard CMS approach
Find out why understanding how your technology platform of choice behaves is key to supporting the ultimate customer journey.

Best practices for managing & using content
Explore a 4-step process for ensuring contextual content: covering strategy, process, creation, evaluation.

The customer experience maturity model
Discover a model for evolving from a traditional multi-channel approach to an omnichannel one. Encompasses 3 phases: attract, convert, advocate.

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