Survey | Last updated: 10 March 2020

Discover what the future holds for digital Customer Experience (CX) and download this exclusive survey report of insights from global marketing leaders

Enterprises are turning to CX in ever greater numbers as a way of engaging and captivating their customers. But as customer needs and expectations continue to evolve, CX must learn to evolve, too.

In a recent survey of the world’s top marketing leaders, CX2030 was able to shine a light on the trends that are coming to define a new age of CX.

Download the full report now to understand how the future will unfold for CX over both the next year and the decade.

Key Insights 

  • Learn who is the driving force behind CX

    The diverse ways that enterprises approach CX can be traced back to one thing: who champions CX. We found out who the main champions are.

  • Find out how many touch points/channels your competitors will prioritise

    We asked marketing leaders from around the world which and how many channels they’ll focus on over the next few years. The answer might surprise you.

  • What technology will transform CX most in 2020?

    Technology continues to evolve, and it is empowering marketers in new and unprecedented ways. We asked marketing leaders for their views on tech’s CX impact.

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