Interactive story | Last updated: 12 February 2020

CX in the Roaring 2020s: Customer Experience Trends for a New Decade 


Gain a deeper understanding of the world of CX as we go into the 2020s and beyond 

Customer Experience (CX) has changed. Blossoming from a niche field into the behemoth it is today, CX has evolved in countless ways to incorporate new technologies and processes that have changed the way modern businesses connect with their customers. 

Now, as we head into the new decade, it’s never been more important for organisations to adopt and invest in CX. This is especially the case given that 62% of organisations – more than ever – are choosing to invest in CX, making it a major point of competition. 

Uncover the biggest trends and predictions that will influence how CX will continue to evolve over the next 10 years. Utilise these trends to formulate an effective strategy for the 2020s and beyond. 


Key Insights 

  • Employee Experiences Enhanced. 
  • Discover why companies will seek to enhance the employee experience this decade. 
  • Digitise, Automate, Win. 
  • Organisations like yours are automating their customer processes to better engage users. Learn more here. 
  • Exceeding Customer Expectations. 
  • The old motto “The customer’s always right” is back, with customer expectations directing business decisions. See how this impacts CX.