Guest blog | Last updated: 30 September 2019


Heading to the Festival of Marketing? Meet Headline Sponsors Sitecore 

The world’s largest event dedicated to brand marketers is right around the corner. Starting on 10th October 2019, marketers from around the globe will descend on London’s famous Tobacco Dock for two full days of all things marketing. Here, “ambitious marketers can discover, learn, celebrate and shape the future together.” 


What to Expect from the Festival of Marketing 

The Festival of Marketing is billed as so much more than just another conference or exhibition: this is an immersive marketing experience, exquisitely tailored to meet the needs of the modern marketer. 

Firstly, there are over 250 speakers across 12 stages at the Festival of Marketing, meaning there are a staggering 150 hours of discussions and debates to choose from. Between sessions, attendees can also head to the exhibition hall to meet leading marketing providers and to network with over 4,000 senior marketing enthusiasts attending the Festival. 

Want to learn more about a topic? Workshops at the Festival tackle topics like personalisation in an age of AI, marketing trends, and how to develop a marketing data strategy to drive growth. But perhaps the most exciting element of the Festival is the opportunity to see the Festival City, a hub of interactive experiences that will bring attendees together to create and compete against one another. 

No matter your tastes or interests, at the world’s largest event dedicated to brand marketers, there’ll be something for you to learn and enjoy. That’s because the Festival of Marketing reflects the very nature of marketing today – which is why CX2030 partners Sitecore are a proud sponsor of this year’s Festival. 


Sitecore, Personalisation Steam Headline Sponsors 

Sitecore’s mission is to help brands create lifelong relationships with customers through personalised experiences. With the right experiences, you can turn a passing into a loyal, lifelong customer. The trick is finding a technology that allows you to personalise with precision, build the right connections, and resolve content crises all at once.  

That’s where Sitecore’s technology comes in. The Sitecore Experience Platform is an all-round solution to meet the modern marketer’s digital needs.  

You can find out more about Sitecore’s solutions to personalisation at this year’s Festival of Marketing, where Sitecore are proud sponsors of the Personalisation Stage. You’ll also be able to find the Sitecore team in the Sitecore Experience Room. 


Hear from Sitecore’s Esteemed Speaker 

Attendees will have the chance to hear from one of Sitecore’s best and brightest, Charles Bell, Director of Sales Engineering. 

You can find Charles on the Personalisation Stage on Thursday 10th October at 10:00 with his talk 'Zen and the Art of Customer Experience'Charles will show that the path to greater customer engagement is all about knowing where to start, not necessarily where you’re going. His 'Zen' like approach to achieving engagement minimises things that can’t be changed and maximises those that can.  


Meet the Sitecore Team 

If you’re lucky enough to be attending this year’s Festival of Marketing, be sure to head to the Sitecore Experience Room to meet the Sitecore team. They’ll be more than happy to talk with you about how personalisation can help improve customer experiences – and therefore engagement and conversions – with your brand.  

You can request a meeting with Sitecore here to guarantee a slot with the Sitecore team and their Solution Partners. Book today to ensure you build a lifelong relationship with your customers through digital experiences. 


Have a Great Festival 

Finally, we hope you have a fantastic time at the Festival of Marketing. Remember to check out Sitecore’s Personalisation Stage to make the most of your Festival experience.