Report | Last updated: 21 October 2019

Lift the lid on how company culture is affecting CX development


Organisations throughout the world are turning to Customer Experience strategies to future-proof their brands, and with good reason. An improved CX can unlock 10% extra revenue growth in just two years. But despite the obvious benefits of CX, many organisations appear to be struggling to create exceptional customer experiences everywhere.  

Could company culture be holding back organisations like yours?

To learn more, in 2019 we surveyed a group of Marketing leaders in the UK to determine the role culture plays in CX development. 

Download this free CX survey report now to see how culture impacts CX development and to ensure you improve your customer experience today. 


Key Insights 


  • What Departments are Resistant to CX
    CX is meeting cultural resistance within organisations, but from who? Download to see which departments resist CX most 
  • What Challenges Inhibit CX Adoption 
    Marketing leaders must overcome a variety of cultural challenges to achieve CX adoption – see which challenge tops our poll 
  • Who Champions CX Within Organisations 
    CX isn’t just a marketing activity, it’s a completely different approach to customer engagement across an entire organisation. Learn who champions CX transformation