Report | Last updated: 24 July 2019

Featuring Brian Solis, globally recognised as one of the most prominent thought leaders, keynote speakers, and best-selling authors in innovation and digital transformation

Marketers are at the beginning of an entirely new mobile movement. One where everyone has to compete on smaller screens, meaning the usual rules and methodologies are not only different, they’re unwritten.

In it, he outlines the ways marketers need to rethink customer experience management to deliver mobile-first experiences.

Mobile, social, and real-time web have changed everything. The good news is that brands that learn, adapt, and engage can add value to each mobile-moment and reap the rewards of customer loyalty. This white paper shows you how.

Key insights:

  • The psychographic makeup of Generation C, the connected consumer

  • Why mediumism is not the message

  • The nature of micro-moments and why they matter

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