Report | Last updated: 16 December 2018

Vanson Bourne research reveals gap between what brands offer and what consumers want

True mobile readiness for brands is less about the device and more about the customer journey/experience. Naturally, the more people discover what they like, the greater their expectations will grow, and it will not stop there. Organisations must keep pace
or risk being left behind.

This white paper carries feedback from 4,500 consumers and 450 marketing decision makers which gives insight into what need to be done:

Key findings:

  • Many factors make up a good mobile experience, and expectations will continue to develop

    • Convenience (48%), security (46%), and speed (42%)
      are the most common elements of a good mobile
      experience for consumers
    • Two-thirds (66%) of consumers say that their mobile
      expectations will change over the next three years,
      with personalisation (35%) coming to the forefront
  • Mobile’s importance when purchasing is growing

    • More than eight in ten (84%) consumer respondents
      search for items on their mobile device before
    • Around a fifth (19%) of consumer respondents are
      already using mobile to make the majority of their
      online purchases, and this will increase to a third (33%)
      in three years’ time
  • The mobile experience can be a key potential differentiator for brands

    • Three-quarters (76%) of consumers say that a good
      mobile experience influences their loyalty to a brand
    • Eight in ten (80%) report that the mobile experience
      is now a priority consideration when deciding when to
      make a purchase
  • Many brands are overconfident in their ability to completely meet consumer mobile expectations…

    • Over half (57%) of brands believe that customers’
      mobile security needs are completely met, but only
      28% of consumers agree
    • Only three in ten (30%) consumers say that their
      mobile personalisation expectations are being
      completely met—almost half (47%) of brands believe
  • …And they lack the insight and tools to improve

    • Less than half (45%) of brands are combining mobile
      customer data with their CRM data
    • Only around half of brands report that they have
      completely integrated mobile with other channels
      such as web (53%) and social media (49%)
  • Improving security is the first step that brands must take on the path to providing a better mobile experience

    • Only around one in ten (9–11%) consumers describe
      themselves as “completely confident” in organisations’
      abilities to store and use their data appropriately
    • The majority (84%) of consumer respondents would
      like to see additional security features used by brands
      when on mobile

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