The CX2030 Machine Learning Readiness Assessment

The CX2030 Machine Learning Readiness Assessment

Survey | Last updated: 09 January 2019

You know that saying about how a 1,000-mile journey starts with a single step?

Machine learning (ML) is a bit like that. If you’re serious about harnessing this technology, you know there are no shortcuts. It’s going to take plenty of time, effort (and investment).

That’s why that first step is crucial.

This tool is for CX leaders who want to make the first step the right step. After all, ML can’t give you the answers if you don’t ask the right questions. You first need to be able to define what you are trying to accomplish.

That’s what this tool is for. It’s a 5–10 minute journey, comprising a mixture of yes/no questions and multiple choice. At the end, your answers get crunched and you’ll receive a Machine Learning Readiness Score, outlining where you’re at and what should be your next steps.

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