The world is your digital oyster

The world is your digital oyster

Report | Last updated: 09 April 2019

For all CX leaders, CMOs, and CDOs: How to localise your global CX strategy

As more businesses seek to expand into new regions, the need for localising experiences on a global scale – global localisation or glocalisation – has become an essential ingredient for success.

Naturally, this puts CMOs, CDOs and other CX leaders at the heart of global expansion strategies.

This dynamic and interactive visual experience gives you the latest glocalisation insight – ideal for shaping your approach, executing tactics, and leading your team:

  • 3 key elements that CX leaders should incorporate into any localisation strategy
  • Urgent questions to ask your CIO, CFO & CDO
  • Glocalisation best practices from the likes of Airbnb & ASOS
  • Step-by-step guidance for launching multi-lingual websites

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