Webinar | Last updated: 21 November 2019

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Are you ready to bring CX transformation to your organisation but face cultural hurdles that stop you dead in your tracks?


Watch our free webinar to learn how to overcome cultural resistance to CX and inspire real change.

In 2019, we were joined by Jannik Devantier (updated: Director of Business Optimisation & Value Engineering, Sitecore) and Behdad Banian (Chief Marketing Officer, Ericsson) to discuss the impact culture has on CX adoption – and how to overcome it. From how to acquire boardroom buy-in to how to instigate wider organisational change, our speakers shared their own experiences of driving CX transformation.

Watch the full webinar for free to learn from Jannik and Behdad’s experiences now. 

What you’ll learn: 

  • How to Convince the C-SuiteOur speakers defined the measures of success you need to gain boardroom buy-in, including quick wins and long-term ROI 
  • Why Objective, Scientific Approaches Work Best: Discover how to pull together the ultimate business case for CX investment to help you reach beyond the CMO 
  • The Dos & Don’ts, the Wins & Losses: Real business case learnings on CX transformation from a CMO at one of Sweden’s largest telecommunication providers