Infographic | Last updated: 20 November 2019


Build lasting one-to-one relationships with your customers and unlock greater revenue potential today


We live in a world where customers expect more from brands, and they’re willing to pay more for experiences that give them more. For instance, 49% of buyers have made impulse purchases after receiving personalised experiences. 

It’s no longer enough for FMCG manufacturers to simply ship their products and hope for the best. Now, FMCG manufacturers need to adopt new strategies that bring their brand and products to life. They need Customer Experience. 

But as retailers hold all the experience in CX and selling to consumers, FMCG manufacturers need to up their game to compete.  

Download this free infographic today to learn the top three techniques for establishing an exceptional CX within the FMCG manufacturing sector today. 

Key Insights 

  • 49% of buyers make impulse buys following a personalised experience 
  • Two thirds of companies prioritise CX as their main competitive differentiator – FMCG needs CX 
  • FMCG aren’t confined to the store anymore: customers engage with products everywhere. Learn what that means for your outreach strategy