Report | Last updated: 08 February 2019

Looking for senior executive-focused CX insight? The sort of stuff that you can use to shape your strategies for the next few years? This publication has everything you need…

Once upon a time, a group of senior-level CX decision-makers were sitting around a table together. The topic of discussion: “Why isn’t there a CX magazine out there for people like us?” They wanted something that looked like a premium publication, with marvellously vibrant images and dynamically detailed diagrams complementing equally vibrant insight and expert analysis. Containing commentary on the latest trends, alongside strategies they could actually put into practice.

That’s the experience that’s on offer right here. Help yourself to 50+ pages overflowing with beautifully put together reporting on all things CX. After reading (and enjoying, this is about business with pleasure, after all), you’ll have everything you need to drive your organisation’s CX onwards and upwards.


  • Mastering data in the age of the age of digital transformation
    Want to get started or accelerate your data-driven marketing strategy? Explore a 3-step data science maturity model that provides relatively static data, helps your team design and run experiments, and then streams data for machine learning.

  • Adapting your model to a constantly changing environment

    Find out how to integrate and align your customer insights in the new era – where audiences switch screens and devices, demand more than just a loyalty program, and expect personalised experiences at every stage of the funnel.

  • Achieving personalisation to boost customer engagement
    Executive guidance on successfully executing one of personalisation’s most central tenets – combining online and offline experiences for customers.

  • Bringing together Engagement Value Points (EVP) and Value Per Visits
    Gain insights into how to measure the transition from customer prospect to brand ambassador, so you can determine the impact of specific digital goals.

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