Report | Last updated: 16 December 2018

How to prove the value of a customer-centric approach

It might seem a tall order, but delivering consistently relevant, contextual experiences to every one of your customers can be done – at scale – as long as you have the right marketing technology and systems in place.

This white paper shows you how to make it happen – and in a way that means you realising the ROI that’ll prove your business case.

  • Customer Experience Maturity Model
    A 3-stage process divided into 7 phases, for you to determine where your marketing capabilities are now – and where they could be in the near future

  • Customer experience: The barriers to evolution
    Find out some of the main reasons organisations aren’t maturing, and why this is a problem when competitors can move to quickly disrupt the status quo.

  • When managers get involved
    Discover some of the ‘quick wins’ that can spark a drive to align strategic KPIs and gain buy-in at senior level.

  • Boosting conversions and revenue
    Explore 4 areas which have been proven to raise organisation’s contextual performance: testing, personalisation, automation, and focusing on lifetime value.

  • Connecting customer experience and customer-centricity
    View strategies and tools for raising productivity, increasing business impact, and boosting cost savings.

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