Report | Last updated: 10 October 2019


Extracting the True Value of Artificial Intelligence –

A Marketer’s Guide to AI


Discover how to extract the most value from Industry 4.0’s most powerful tool, Artificial Intelligence, and how to make sure you use it to deliver exceptional CX.

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay, and it’s only going to get more powerful as time wears on. It will increasingly become part of the marketing toolbox, but that poses one very serious issue: do marketers have the necessary skills to get the most value out of AI?

In this guide, we highlight the key factors you should be focusing on to help you extract the most value from AI. Whether it’s big data strategies, overcoming bias, optimisation or the threat of the Uncanny Valley and alienating customers, we’ll talk you through some of the most important elements of AI that you may have overlooked.

Download this free guide today to ensure your AI strategy maximises value and delivers a truly engaging CX your customers can get excited about:

  • Manage Big Data Strategies
    Learn how data optimisation will play a large role in the creation of data strategies, determining how your marketing strategy will come into play and the best ways to optimise data to deliver the best CX.
  • Overcome Human-Influenced Data Bias
    Understand how human biases can affect AI, including details on Microsoft’s ill-fated Tay and how AIs are only ever as good as the data you choose to feed them with.
  • Beware the Uncanny Valley
    The best customer interactions come from a place of trust, but what happens if you deploy AI that acts like a human to engage with your customers – and don’t tell them they’re talking to a bot? You’re likely to enter the Uncanny Valley.


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